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Buttock Lift

Buttocks as like any other part of the body over the years can start to sag because of gravity and diminishing elasticity of the skin. This can happen surprisingly early at younger age.
Buttocks can take a shape of ’square’, as a combined effect of sagging of the lower part, and the lack of firmness in the upper part. There are some other conditions which may influence the shape of buttocks like pregnancies and loss of weight etc.
In the past most common procedures to deal with saggy buttocks were the Brazilian
Butt Lift, and Buttock Augmentation with Fat transfer or Silicone implants. Brazilian Butt Lift involves is the harvest of the fat from other body areas and then to inject the treated fat into the buttocks. It is expensive and risks of general anaesthesia, and usually a night in hospital and fat survival is not 100% which necessitate at least two to three times to repeat the procedure.
Buttock Augmentation, the other method involves an incision in the buttock fold (which of course means a reasonably substantial scar), through which implants are placed on each side. As it is open procedure which involve long scar, post procedure recovery is much longer, also the cost of general anaesthesia, hospital stay, and ‘out of action’ from your normal life for up to a month.

Serdev Suture Technique

You may not be aware of the 21st Century option – the Suture Butt Lift. This is absolutely NOT to be confused with the ineffective ‘thread lifting’ that was popular a few years ago.
This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia with light sedation, with the use of specialised (Serdev) instruments introduce a very strong, patented antimicrobial suture into the deeper layers of the fatty tissue. This is then secured at fixed points. It literally lift the buttocks higher and make it rounded, perky and youthful appearance and create a long leg.
As this procedure is virtually scar-less, and the lift usually last for five to ten years. Quite frequently, this procedure is performed in combination with another procedure such as thigh or flanks reduction by VASER liposelection. Your particular needs are assessed before-hand, and will advise you on what results you can realistically expect, and whether this procedure is appropriate for you, or not.
For a clinical paper on the Serdev Butt Lift, Click Here
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