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Inverted Nipple Correction

For many women, having inverted nipples can be distressing. The nipple appears to lie flat against the breast, or appears to retract into the breast itself. This causes many women with this condition to feel self-conscious. No-one likes to feel different. Some of our patients have told us this condition makes them feel less feminine. Apart from how this condition can make you look and feel, it can cause problems when it comes to breast feeding. Inversion of the nipple is caused by a tight ligaments across the chest to nipple area or short milk duct system running from the chest wall to the nipple. With advancements in plastic surgery, women with inverted nipples no longer have to live with this condition. Inverted nipple repair can restore the nipple to a beautiful and natural, projecting appearance. The correction of inverted breast nipples is a scarless, permanent, simple, routine procedure carried out under local anaesthesia. So there’s no need for an overnight hospital stay, and downtime is minimal.
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