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Prominent Ear Correction

Our patients often tell us sad tales of being teased about their prominent ears, having endured years of teasing, and being called hurtful names such as ‘Bat Ears’, ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Jug Ears’. This can be devastating to a person’s self-confidence. It’s common for women with this condition to wear their hair long in an attempt to cover up their ears.
Men often have a much harder time of it – they can’t cover up the problem as easily. From a young age they’re expected to good-humouredly put up with the teasing and name calling. This often causes feelings of humiliation and embarrassment. When one ear only is protruding, this can cause just as much distress. The embarrassment doesn’t have to continue. There’s a simple, quick surgical procedure called Otoplasty, to correct the problem of prominent ears. The type of anaesthesia either general or local anaesthesia depends on the age

The overall reaction from our patients who have had this procedure is one of great relief. Many express their only regret is not having had this simple procedure done years before.

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