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Nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most frequently requested types of cosmetic procedure. It is a surgical procedure which reshapes and realigns the nose either to repair injury or to correct a deformity which may be hereditary. The nose is the most prominent part of the facial feature. It may have a hump, be too long or wide and sometimes problems that contribute to breathing difficulties. Occasionally a childhood blow to the nose changed its shape, but more often the Mother Nature just didn’t bless you with the perfect nose in the first place. But whatever the reason your nose is the way it is, thankfully, today there are plenty of options available to refine and beautify your nose. The aim of Rhinoplasty (nose job) is to bring symmetry to the nose, and the face. But before we discuss options, let’s look at the most common nose ‘issues’ people have.

Broad or Bulbous Nose

One of the most common nose surgeries is to correct a broad (or bulbous) tip. This means trimming and/or reshaping the cartilage with suture tchniques at the tip with of the nose.

Droopy Tip

A nose that has a droopy tip can be beautified by tilting the nose upward. This has the effect of shortening the nose.

Upturned Nose

An up-turned nose can be corrected by tilting the tip downward. Rotating an upturned nose downward can mean you see less of the nostrils, which can be an issue with an upturned nose. This can make the nose appear longer, as an upturned nose can also appear to be short.

Wide / Flaring Nostrils

A wide nostril base can be narrowed to decrease the width of the nostrils with minor surgical techniques or advance cosmetic suture techniques.

Crooked Nose

Although some people are born with a nose that is not perfectly straight, a crooked nose most frequently results from a break to the nose at some stage in the person’s life. If you have a hump or high nasal bridge, the bridge line can be altered to give improvement to your nasal profile. This will make the bridge more in proportion with the tip.

Wide Nose

A nose may appear wide across the bridge and/or the tip. This can give the nose a flat appearance. A wide nose can be narrowed to give the bridge and/or tip of nose a more delicate appearance.

Narrow Nose

Sometimes, the nose can look overly narrow from the front, giving the person a ‘severe’ look. Rhinoplasty can widen the nose to give it more balance.

Low or Collapsed Bridge

A nose with a bridge that is too low can make the tip look over-projected. When the middle portion of the nose is collapsed it can make the nose look ‘dented’. The bridge can be built-up, or augmented, to create a more pleasing profile.

Rhinoplasty Options
The Non surgical Option

There is now an option available whereby minor deformities can be corrected without altering the structure of the nose itself. This is done through the skilled injection of a facial filler. The type of filler that is used will be determined by after a discussion of your goals and medical history. While this procedure certainly has limitations, it can be a much better option than full plastic surgery of the nose, and can be done much quicker with little or no downtime. Only certain nose ‘issues’ are suitable for this minor procedure.

The Surgical Option

Advanced Cosmetic surgical options has revolutionized Rhinoplasty to be considered a simple, routine procedure. These techniques are so advanced in most of cases sedation is required, a general anaesthetic is required in certain cases. These advanced techniques are much less invasive, so your recovery time is considerably shortened. Surgery is usually performed internally, that is from inside of the nose, thus leaving no visible scarring. When you come to us, you will receive a thorough assessment and type of anaesthesia , and if we feel that for any reason you are not suitable for this procedure, you will not receive it. Due to advance cosmetic surgical techniques, there's either no or in few cases a overnight hospital stay.

Risks and possible Complications

Results are limited by your anatomy and a nose matching someone else's features may not match your own. It must be remembered that although surgical changes to the nose should be subtle the overall facial transformation thus effected can be very significant indeed. There are risks associated with Rhinoplasty, as with any surgery, but these are limited and complications rare. The greatest risk is that of a result undesirable to the patient. This should be reduced by an understanding between the patient and the surgeon reached at consultation. It is also possible for some asymmetry or contour irregularity to develop but this can usually be corrected at a later stage.


Cosmetic Rhinoplasty is to improve the shape of the nose, it is not suitable for people with breathing difficulties.


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