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Stubborn Fat Removal

Liposuction sculpts or recontours the body and it must be stressed that the aim is to alter the patient’s shape, rather than his or her overall weight. It is certainly effective in the improving the contour, but it is not a method for the treatment of general obesity. Fat cells removed by liposuction are permanently removed. Fat in adults can never regenerate in the specific area thus treated but the remnant fat cells may enlarge with weight gain. However, one may still gain excess weight and fatty bulges in the area treated and other areas with the gain in weight. In the past the only option for people seeking to remove fat deposits was traditional liposuction.

What’s the difference between traditional Liposuction and VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) Liposelction?
Traditional liposuction manually removes fat tissue using power suction. This process removes not only the fat tissue, but also other tissues such as: nerves, blood vessels, and collagen. In addition to the removal of these other essential tissues there are other possible and sometimes common adverse effects including but not limited to: uneven results, sagging loose skin, extreme bruising and swelling, a significantly long recovery period, as well as pain and dreadful complications like fat embolism of manual trauma to blood vessels and fat. Furthermore, if the traditional liposuction procedure is performed with general anaesthesia, all the risks associated with the anaesthesia further increases the risk of chest infections, clot in the legs and embolism alike and atleast a overnight stay in the hospital. The 21st Century tool of choice for the surgeon to treat stubborn pockets of fat is the VASER liposuction which solely isolates and remove after separating the fat cells from the surrounding tissues.
Original ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL) was developed to “melt” the fat before removal but it is used too high a frequency of energy and caused burns and other heat related complications. In 2000, Vaser Liposelection® was tested as a fourth generation ultrasound technology which refined all aspects of UAL including the amount of fluid infused, the frequency and method of transmitting the energy, and the superior results as compared to other methods of fat removal. The results showed near complete elimination of adverse events and better overall results compared to prior methods. It is called “Liposelection” because the vibrational energy of the sound waves interacts with the fat cells to isolate from the surrounding structures but has no harmful effect on blood vessels or the connective tissue. The precision, safety, and gentleness provided through VASER liposuction of fat allows for this procedure to be performed under local anaesthetic with mild sedation with little to no downtime recovery.

Great Results, no Floppy Skin

Quite often with traditional liposuction you can be left with saggy, floppy skin where the fat has been removed, which means you may have to have another procedure such as a 'tummy tuck' to correct this. But after VASER liposuction, skin tightens gradually over the few weeks and wearing compression garment for few weeks, resulting in a smooth, tight body contour with no loose skin in most of patients though few patients may need Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) operation and this is discussed with the Surgeon at the time of consultation.

Safe, Fast Procedure with a Minimal Recovery Period

No hospitalisation is required, there are no major side effects, and recovery is very fast. However you should avoid sports or strenuous exercise for a few days, gradually building up to your previous levels over the following week.

Areas that can be treated include…

Chin, Upper Arms, Back, Abdomen (tummy), Flanks (Love Handles), Thighs, Buttocks, Knees, Ankles, Male Chest (Gynaecomastia).

Am I suitable for VASER Liposelection?

While liposuction procedure can improve the appearance and self-confidence, it may not match your mental ideal, nor will it cause other people to act differently toward you. You will still be you. Before you decide, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them fully during your consultation.

What if I’m not suitable for this procedure?

During consultation, you will receive a thorough assessment, and if for any reason you are not suitable for this procedure, you will not receive it. This may not be what you want to hear.

Low Cost

This extremely safe procedure doesn't take long to perform, and there is either no or one overnight hospital stay, and is performed either under general anaesthetic, I/V sedation or local anaesthetic.

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